This has been a busy week and there are many things to tell you!

Thank You!

First, a huge Thank You to everyone who has picked up or ordered veggie plants! There are still some great tomatoes and peppers available, but you need to get them soon. These plants are big and ready to go in the ground or planter. See this post for available plants.

Perennials are coming

There are some perennials potted and almost ready. More information on these soon… This week had some overcast days, some days with rain in the forecast (that never happened), and overall cooler than last week. So, there was a lot of time spent in the gardens. All of the peppers, tomatoes, herbs on hand, marigolds, and several small veggie starts were planted! What a relief to have them in the ground – whew! And, the gardens are starting to look like gardens instead of barren spaces.

Crops, Seeds, and Harvest – oh my!

Seeds went in this week in both gardens, too. There are more carrots, beets, chard, kale, radishes, lettuces, cutting flowers, green beans, and cilantro seeded. The early crops of peas, cucumbers, zucchini, yellow squash, and early tomatoes all look good. The broccoli in the hoop house is finally starting to get bigger now that nighttime temps are up. Hilling the soil around the mini broccoli has made a huge difference in those plants, and the first planting of radishes are starting to bulb out! Shhh… Dare I say out loud that the spinach is actually starting to get close to picking size? Spinach is my favorite green, but it is finicky about weather, temperature, and water. There were several things done to get these seeds to sprout and grow, and it’s a great sight to see it actually maturing without bolting (going to seed).

Need Lettuce??

The lettuce in the hoop house needs to be picked tomorrow (Saturday) morning. It looks like at least 5 bags can be picked, so please let me know if you would like lettuce this weekend. There is a new green oak leaf variety that needs a first cutting, so that will add some color and texture to the mix. Lettuce is $4 per bag this season.

Let me know if you want plants or lettuce by clicking the “Contact Me” button (located in the lower-right). Select “SMS” (on mobile) or “Facebook Messenger” (on a computer) and send me a message!

By Amy

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  1. Thank you for doing this Amy. I know how much time you guys spent on this electronic means of notification.

  2. Sounds great , think the heat mats at night is helping me mini small tomote plants !

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