Peppers, Tomatoes and a few Herbs

The tomatoes and most of the peppers are planted in deep 4.25″ square pots to allow for good root production. Unfortunately, there were more plants than pots, so smaller pepper varieties are in slightly smaller containers. Tomatoes and peppers are $3.50 per plant.

Herbs are in yogurt cups to conserve larger pots for tomatoes and peppers. These plants will be $1 each.

Heirloom Tomatoes $3.50 each (large deep pots)

0 Amana Orange – heirloom slicing tomato with deep orange color and sweet flavor SOLD OUT

0 Amish Paste – heirloom paste tomato with plum shaped 8-12 oz fruits, meaty and good flavor SOLD OUT

0 Ananas Noire – heirloom slicing tomato with colors of red, green and yellow on skin and throughout SOLD OUT

0 Cipolla’s Pride – large heirloom paste tomato with 10-16 oz deep red fruits, heavy producer SOLD OUT

0 San Marzano – heirloom Italian paste tomato with 4-6 oz pear shaped fruits with heavy production SOLD OUT

0 Yellow Pear – heirloom small yellow pear shaped with sweetness, but skin splits easily SOLD OUT

Hybrid Tomatoes $3.50 each (large deep pots)

0 Big Beef Plus – large red slicing tomato with better disease resistance SOLD OUT

0 Big Mama – large paste tomato with 8-10 oz fruits, meaty, good flavor and slip skins easily SOLD OUT

0 Mountain Fresh Plus – large, red determinate slicer with heavy production and disease resistance SOLD OUT

0 Defiant – early, determinate tomato that sets many 4 oz fruits, can be planted in large containers SOLD OUT

0 Mountain Magic – 1.5 oz red salad tomato with vigor and heavy yields – needs strong support SOLD OUT

Peppers $3.50 each

0 Banana – sweet, yellow fruits on tall plants SOLD OUT

0 Carmen – tapered green-to-red peppers that taste like a bell but without the acid Donated to Rescued

0 Confetti – small plant with variegated leaves, small snacking peppers from pale green to orange ** SOLD OUT

0 Impala – a Serrano pepper with heavy yields of spicy peppers Donated to Rescued

0 Jalafuego – a large jalapeno variety on medium sized plants Donated to Rescued

0 King Arthur – large bell pepper plants with large green-to-red peppers with thick walls SOLD OUT

0 Lemon Dream – small plant with tapered yellow snacking peppers ** Donated to Rescued

0 Orange Sun – 3 to 4 inch orange sweet peppers on small plants ** Donated to Rescued

0 Takii’s New Ace – a green-to-red bell pepper with shorter days to maturity and elongated peppers Donated to Rescued
** Perfect for planters

Herbs $1 each

0 Thyme SOLD OUT

0 Lime basil SOLD OUT

0 Italian parsley SOLD OUT

0 Sweet basil SOLD OUT

0 Cilantro SOLD OUT

Let me know if you want plants by clicking the “Contact Me” button (located in the lower-right). Select “SMS” (on mobile) or “Facebook Messenger” (on a computer) and send me a message!

By Amy