Yes, it’s lettuce & lilac season

SOLD OUT FOR TODAY! There are three (3) bags of mixed lettuce cooling and waiting for a new home. The bags are at least 8 ounces of fresh, crispy lettuces. Today’s bags have quite a lot of New Fire Red, which is a larger, crinkled leaf that is a light green with an overlay of red. There is a bit of a green bibb lettuce and a deep red with a very crinkled leaf. This mix is as pretty as it is tasty! The bags will be $4 this season.

Let me know if you want these today by clicking the “Contact Me” button (located in the lower-right). Select “SMS” (on mobile) or “Facebook Messenger” (on a computer) and send me a message!

Saturday morning, I will be picking again, but that will include red romaine leaves (probably enough for a full bag if you want it that way for a Caesar salad), more New Fire Red, some dark red, and the green bibb. So, let me know if you want Romaine only, or a mix for Saturday and it will get picked, washed and cooled for you.

As our temperatures soar over the next week, it will become harder to keep these crops cool and viable. More baby lettuces have been planted and seeds are going in today, but these crops need to be picked while they are still tender and sweet. Once the heat makes it bitter, the entire plant is bitter and will have to be pulled out and turned into compost. Don’t miss out on this first crop!

It looks like I can cut a few bouquets of lilacs today and tomorrow. $5.00 each.

By Amy