Mixed Lettuce

This week, there will be more mixed lettuce to pick. There’s a great variety of colors and textures in this mix. Freshly picked greens are far and away better than anything you will ever buy at the store. It has been so nice to have fresh greens again! Bags are $4


Radishes are also going to start maturing this week. There are radishes in four different stages, and more will be seeded later this week. This should keep us in radishes for a while. These radishes are red varieties with a mild flavor. Bundles are $1.50


Spinach is doing well, but growing slowly. There will be a small amount to pick at some point this week. It’s unclear if there will be a full bag ready this week, but cooler temperatures will definitely help. I may just pick some of the larger leaves and force the plants to re-grow new leaves a bit faster. So, be patient if you want spinach (or contact me and I can start a waiting list). After all, last year’s early heat had the spinach bolting and going to seed before it was even picked once, so this season is already looking more promising! Bags are $4

How can I get some?

If you’d like any of these crops, please use the “Contact Me” button in the lower right part of this page. You can either text me (SMS) or use Messenger depending on what type of device you are using. Using the Contact Me button helps to keep all the communications in one place, and it reliably notifies me when there’s a message from this post.

Many Thanks <3

Thank you to everyone who has gotten lettuce – and thank you for the great feedback! I ordered more seeds yesterday for the darkest red variety because that packet is empty. How is that possible? There is a second crop of lettuces growing and some will be ready for picking next week. More lettuce seeds are just starting to sprout in a new bed, and yesterday, I seeded a full flat of lettuce, another of spinach, and a half flat of broccoli. Whoohooo! That should help keep us in these cool weather veggies as long as the weather cooperates. This is succession planting at its best, and I love trying to push the season. We will continue to try growing lettuce and radishes in the small hoop house with shade cover on it (after the broccoli has finished in there). Fingers crossed that we will have mild temperatures with a gradual warm-up through June. That would be ideal for all the veggies to get established.

By Amy