Join me and Daisy Saturday morning 9-Noon out front for fresh stuff! I’m still picking a few things, then need to organize everything. Hope to have quite a lot for you to enjoy this holiday weekend with some new, seasonal things.

There will be no farmstand on Sunday so I can get some garden maintenance done

Slicing tomatoes $1 each
Small slicers .50 each
3 Salad tomatoes $4 per basket
7.5 Cherry / Yellow pear tomatoes $3 per pound (perfect wash-n-go food for a gathering)
San Marzano tomatoes 8/$2
3 Tomato soup kits (2# San Marzano tomatoes, onion, basil and a recipe) $5
4 Bulk tomatoes (5# bags) $7.50 per bag
30 Apples $1.50 per one + pound basket (firm, green, sweet with a slight tartness)
Cucumbers .50 or 6/$2.50
Bell peppers .75 each
Sweet Carmen peppers .75 each
Banana peppers .50 each
Jalapeno or Serrano peppers .25 each
1 Carrots $4 per bag
2 Baby carrots $3 per bag
2 Swiss chard $4 per bag
1 Yellow squash, 3 smaller zucchini .75 each
1 Beets $3 per bundle
3 Green beans $4 per pound
1 Spaghetti squash $2 (these are 2 servings – not giant ones)

Planning to pick some herbs and flowers tonight, too. There’s one jar of mild salsa and freshly made apple butter ready to go home with you! We look forward to seeing you Saturday morning!

By Amy