The weather forecast continues to show high heat index readings for several days, but now it looks like we’ll see near 100F before noon on Sunday. So, let’s do car service! Use the Contact Me button in the lower right to send me your order and let me know when you’ll arrive. Thanks in advance for doing this! Those super high heat index readings deplete me so fast!

4# San Marzano tomatoes $2 per pound
2 Salad tomatoes $4 per basket
6 Cherry / yellow pear tomatoes (1 of just red) $3 per pound
1/2 Cherry / yellow pear tomatoes $1/50 per half pound
15 Small slicing tomatoes .50 each
8 Slicing tomatoes $1 each
3 Cucumbers .50 each or 6/$2.50
8 Green bell peppers .75 each
2 Red bell peppers .75 each
1 Sweet Carmen (green) pepper .75
3 Jalapeno peppers .25 each
5 Serrano peppers .25 each
9 Banana peppers .50 each (a couple of small red & a large orange) .50 each
1 Yellow squash (medium, big and bigger) .75 each
1 Kale $4 per bag
2 Swiss chard $4 per bag

I’ll be glad to pick something specific, or more quantities if they’re available! Just send your request tonight so I can make a pick list and get in and out of the garden early.

This method of sending me orders will probably be the way we’ll see each other all week, based on the forecast. However, next weekend looks great! Veggies will probably need to be picked daily this week, so don’t be shy about asking for something and letting me know what day works best for you!

By Amy