It looks like rain all afternoon tomorrow, and after the humdinger of an “isolated storm” that we saw today I’d rather play it safe. Let’s do orders only. You tell me what you’d like and when you can pick it up.

Crops that can be picked:
Slicers – I have 25 ready $1 each
Small slicers .50 each
6 1/2 Cherry tomatoes $3 per pound, $1.50 per half pound
Here are some recipe ideas for these sweet little gems
1 Salad tomatoes $4 for a basket of 20
Peppers (banana, bell, sweet Carmen, jalapeno, Serrano, basket of mini sweet peppers)
Cucumbers (some will be ready after a thorough picking today)
Swiss chard
Yellow squash
Fresh herbs: chives, Italian parsley, oregano, basil, sage, thyme, mojito mint, rosemary
Jams: Black Raspberry (low sugar), Blackberry (low sugar), Blueberry (low sugar), Cherry, Chocolate Raspberry, Raspberry Jalapeno, Red Raspberry (low sugar), Strawberry Rhubarb, Very Berry (low sugar) $5
Cut flowers $1 and $5 bouquets or single stems of sunflowers $1 each

By Amy