You can find me out front today from 3:00 to 6:00. I’m still picking, but know that we’ll have lots of choices today!
6 Cherry tomatoes $3 per pound
3 Salad tomatoes $4 per basket
LOTS of Small tomatoes .50 each
LOTS of slicing tomatoes $1 each
Heirloom tomatoes $1.50 each
Cucumbers .50 or 6/$2.50
Peppers – bell, sweet Carmen, banana, jalapeno, Serrano .25 – .75 each
1 Mini Sweet peppers $2.50 per basket
2 Broccoli $2 per half pound
2 Mini broccoli $2 per half pound
Zucchini .75 each
Yellow squash .75 each
2 Swiss chard $4 per bag
1 Italian pasta meal kit $4
1 Roasting kit (zucchini, yellow squash, beets, onion, herbs) $5
Fresh herbs
Cut flowers
Jams – fresh this week Raspberry Jalapeno and Very Berry (low sugar) $5 per half pint

You may be asking “What’s up with the green beans?” Here’s the scoop: Those two beds (3′ x 12′ each) gave us 37 pounds of beans in just over a week! Then, they took a break to set more flowers and tiny beans – looked great! Then, Friday night, the storm that came through hit them with a lot of wind. So much that most of those tiny beans came off the plants. It’s sad, but beyond our control. There are loads and loads of flowers and tiny beans setting today, but no mature beans. There’s a new bed that is also setting beans right now, and the last planting of beans are up and have grown to about 4 inches tall in the last week. That’s the bean saga for now. I expect more beans within the next week. A nice rain would make them happy, too.

By Amy