Hope to see you out front Saturday morning from 9 to Noon! We are watching the weather, and if it looks like rain, we’ll move to the porch.
3 Kale $4 per bag
3 1/2 Swiss chard $4 per bag, $2 per half bag
1 Broccoli $2 per half pound ** these plants are nearly done **
1 Mini broccoli $2 per half pound ** these plants are nearly done **
3 Beets $3 per bundle (one is just golden beets)
1 Babybeats beets (small, thin skinned red) $3 per bundle
LOTS of slicing tomatoes $1 each
LOTS of small slicers .50 each
Heirloom tomatoes (Amana Orange and Ananas Noire) $1.50 each
9 San Marzano tomatoes 6/$2
7 Cherry / yellow pear tomatoes $3 per pound
4 Salad tomatoes $4 per basket of 20
Cucumbers .50 each or 6/$2.50
Peppers (banana .50 ea, sweet Carmen .75 ea, bell .75 ea, LOTS of jalapeno .25 ea, Serrano .25 ea)
Zucchini and Yellow squash .75 each
Jams, including fresh Raspberry Jalapeno and Very Berry (low sugar) are always available
Hope to cut some herbs and flowers later when it cools a little

By Amy