We had so much fun today, let’s do it again tomorrow! Find me out front from 10-Noon. Quantities may be a little less than today, but there’s great variety.

1 Broccoli $3 per 3/4 pound
1 Mini broccoli $2 per half pound
1 1/2 Swiss chard $4 per full bag, $2 per half bag
1 Mini sweet peppers $2.50 per basket
Peppers (banana .50 each, sweet Carmen .75 each, bell .75 each, jalapeno .25 each, Serrano .25 each)
Italian Pasta Meal kit (small zucchini, squash, cucumber, tomatoes, onion, sweet pepper & recipe) $4
Zucchini .75 each
Yellow squash .75 each
Cucumbers .50 each or 6/$2.50
Small slicers .50 each
Large slicers $1 each
Heirloom slicers $1.50 each
3 Cherry / Yellow pear tomatoes $3 per pound
1 Salad tomatoes $4 per basket
1 Beets $3 per bundle
Cut flowers $1 and $5 bouquets
Fresh herbs: basil, Italian parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, lemon thyme, lemon balm

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By Amy