Join me out front under the trees from 9 to Noon Saturday! It’s been a scorching week, but thankfully, orders came in, veggies went out, and water went down. Here’s what I have picked so far. I’m heading out to water in shifts to keep things as happy as possible, so It may take me a while to respond back to you, but don’t worry 🙂

1 Broccoli $4 per pound
1 Mini broccoli $2 per 1/2 pound
2 Kale $4 per bag
2 1/2 Swiss Chard $4 per bag, $2 per half bag
Peppers (lots of bells – green, red & orange, sweet Carmen, banana, lots of jalapenos, Serrano)
4 Italian Pasta Meal kits (small zucchini & squash, cucumber, sweet pepper, small tomatoes, small onion and a recipe) $4 per kit Here’s the recipe
4 Cherry / Yellow pear tomatoes $3 per pound
LOTS of small slicers .50 each
A handful of Large slicers $1 each
San Marzano tomatoes 6/$2.50
5# Roma tomatoes (Amish Paste, Big Mama, Cippola’s Pride) $7.50 per 5 pounds
4 Amana Orange heirloom slicers $1.50 each
Cucumbers .50 each or 6/$2.50
Zucchini and a couple of Yellow Squash
Some small sweet slicing onions .50 per bag
*No flowers due to wilt upon cutting. May cut some fresh herbs in the morning.*

By Amy