2023 is the year of changes for Miss Amy’s Garden in an effort to become more efficient, reduce expenses, and improve your experience. You might be wondering what that even means, so let me tell you one thing that is on the list of possibilities. This one hinges on all of you, so please give me your feedback!

There is a group of customers who chose to receive text messages from me about the farmstand, events, and availability of items. The text system has worked out pretty well, but looking at the cost has me wondering if there’s a better way. One possibility that seems to rise to the top of the list is using this blog as the initial farmstand post.

How would it work?

As there are crops available, I would come here and make a “Farmstand” blog post. Then, a link to the post would be emailed to you. You would click on the link to see what’s available and then could click an icon to send a reply back to me if you’d like something on the list. This option would be far less expensive and the posts could be as long as needed. The current text setup works great, but there’s a limit of 160 characters and a small charge for each outgoing and incoming text. *sigh*

What else?

To use this new option, you would need to provide your basic information including your email address (we would keep it secure on the server and NEVER use it for any other reason or sell it). If we get to that point, there will be a simple online form provided. To stay informed of the new posts & email, you would need to have your email notifications turned on; assuming you’ll be using your phone.

You might be wondering why I just don’t make posts in FaceBook and keep it free and simple there. Well, it is simply not a reliable way to have everyone see the post. In fact, friends that have settings turned on to be notified of new posts are not getting notifications. So, their opportunities to get the fresh stuff when it’s available is often missed. Also, notifications to me that there is a comment on a post are sometimes non-existent or show up hours later saying “New comment”. Pretty frustrating.

What do you say?

This is where I need your input! Do you use your email regularly? Would getting email notifications from me work for you?

This option is practical in many ways, BUT only if it will work for the majority of you. Please provide your response below so we can decide whether to move forward or keep looking. Please and Thank You!

By Amy

19 thoughts on “Changes are coming…”
  1. Hi Amy, I’m all for giving it a try. I am not a great email person. I usually only look at it if I have a package coming. But I can get used to it, especially if it will save you money.

    1. Sherree, Thanks for the feedback! The text system was costing more than expected and it was so limited on the number of characters.

  2. I definitely don’t like that you have to pay for the text service, so there needs to be a better way to notify your customers! The only issue I see is that people don’t check their emails as frequently as their texts. If I got a notification every time I got a new email, I would not get anything done 🙂 BUT, with that said, I could train myself to look for your email, especially if you posted approximately the same time of day.

    1. Judi, thanks for the feedback! I understand that people don’t look at emails as often through the day, but we are going to look for a way to *maybe* set a different notification sound for a specific sender (me). It is a shame that everything has a price tag, and as soon as you register as a business the provider assumes that you can afford (and will pay) high prices for the their services. I’ll be sure to let people know if we come up with a way to set a different notification sound. Can’t wait to start having produce and see people!

      1. Gloria, thanks for your feedback! We are still exploring our options, and I’ll be sure to let everyone know when we make a final decision.

  3. Similar to others I would prefer the text but understand you have to consider costs too.

  4. Amy
    I will am up for whatever is easiest ,most cost effective for you guys and
    Best way to reach your customers .
    Wishing you guys a great season.

  5. Hi Amy I hardly ever check my email but if I know days that you’re going to be posting usually I can check it on that morning

  6. I’m sort of an old fashioned gal who still does a lot by email. So this proposed change would be fine for me. Please don’t just go to Facebook since I refuse to set up an account there!!!

    1. Kathy – thanks for your feedback! Facebook will never be an al-in sort of thing for me. In fact, it’s going to be sort of a backup to the blog if we can get everything working as planned. FB is just too unreliable with notifications and many people just aren’t seeing new posts. From my end, it might be hours before I see that someone made a comment, and that’s just too long for a response if someone wanted fresh veggies. They probably got sold by the time FB notified me of the person’s comment. Unacceptable, but it’s the reality. Stay tuned to see where we land with these notifications…

  7. Depends how you do the emails. Like others have mentioned, I do not get email notifications on my phone. It would go off constantly.

  8. Amy, I’m a little confused. You mean you get charged for each text? I wasn’t aware of that. I put no for email but only because with the new update on my phone, I haven’t received any email. Also, it seems we get inundated with email on certain days, But if that is what you decide I’ll try it out. I guess we could always look you up if we want to see what you have. Can’t wait for fresh veggies!!

    1. Hi Trae! Yes, the text service has a small monthly fee plus a small fee for each text (outgoing and incoming). We are still researching how to best approach good communication this season without relying on FB. Watch for an update…

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