We, and by that I mostly mean Scott, have been researching and testing a bunch of options for text and/or email notifications. Some sounded perfect, but then didn’t work as described. During this process, we’ve chosen to cancel an online store expense that really isn’t necessary at this point. Saving money there helped us move forward.

What’s the new plan?

It looks like we will keep text (SMS) notifications as an option for new posts! There is also an option to receive notifications via e-mail. In an ideal world, even if you choose text message as your primary, email would be a great back-up in case texting is not working. Having both your cell phone and your e-mail address will ensure that we can reach you if one system is down.

How will it work?

There is a very simple form for you to fill out with your information and choice for the primary method to receive notices. Even if you are on our current text list, you need to fill this out. The “rules” for sending electronic communications require me to provide proof that customers chose to sign up and the way that it was done.

Anything else?

Why, yes! Over the course of this week, I hope to get a few short posts out to you about using our new page. The posts should help you understand the buttons and other options that are available on the blog site.

Hopefully this is agreeable to you, as the feedback we got was pretty clear that text message (SMS) was what most people wanted. Thank you so much for giving us your honest feedback and for being patient while options were tested.

The form

Here is the form to sign up for notifications of new posts. These new posts will include things that will be available at the farmstand when we get to that part of the season. There is also a link to the form on the the blog site.

By checking the “I Understand” box below, you are agreeing to Opt-In to receive SMS (text) and/or E-Mail notifications from Miss Amy’s Garden & Gifts.

Your personal information will NEVER be shared with anyone outside of this organization.
You can read our Privacy Policy here.

By Amy