The calendar says that it’s time for farmstand season, but the gardens are in a wonky state. Between wacky weather and animal & bird interference, the gardens are in flux. Some things are nearly two full weeks ahead, others are behind and cool crops are trying to finish after so many hot days. I feel like a basketball coach trying to constantly have players (more veggie starts) at the ready to rotate in when one is tired. There are baby seedlings ready to go in this weekend and another full tray of seeds that should pop any day now. This keeps me from having any boredom issue!

So, let’s try to have farmstand Saturday morning from 10-Noon. Probably, today’s rain will force me to pick Saturday morning, so 10:00 will give me a chance to get ready. There should be some lettuce, maybe some kale, definitely radishes, maybe some broccoli, definitely some fresh and dried herbs, jams & pickled pepper rings, cut flowers, single serve cherry crisps, lemon raspberry breads, seasoned salts, and chai mix. There are some tomato and pepper plants that we will mark down to $2 each, perennial plants for $3, raspberry plants $5, and an herb garden planter $15

Hope to see you!!

By Amy