Join me Saturday (October 7th – holy cow!!) from 9 until noon for fresh stuff! The rain and wind forced me inside earlier, so there’s still a lot of picking to do. I baked this morning while waiting for the temperatures to come up.

Tomatoes – red, blush, green, medium, small, a few big ones, and baskets of different colors and styles.
**No cherry tomatoes because they were splitting as I picked them**
Peppers -red & green bells and sweet Carmen .75 each
Peppers – colorful bananas .50 each
Peppers – Serrano and jalapeno .25 each
1 Mini sweet peppers $2.50 per basket
20 Okra .25 per pod
2 Swiss chard $4 per bag
Cucumbers .50 each or 6/$2.50 (lots again today!)
12 Zucchini .75 each
2 Yellow squash .75 each
LOTS of Acorn squash $2 each
2 Spaghetti squash $2 each
11 Pears $1.50 per basket of 1# or more
Beets $3 per bundle
1 Carrots $4 per bundle
6 Green beans $4 per pound

There will be cut herbs, dried herbs, jams, apple butter, hot pepper rings, seasoned salts, and chai latte mix. Right now, there is an abundant crop of sage, oregano, rosemary, and Italian parsley so let me know if you want a big cutting of these. There are 8 mini loaves of pear bread, too!

No orders tonight, please. I’ve got to carry all the veggies upstairs (they’ve been drying with a fan downstairs), sort, organize, put them in baskets & crates. Plus, I’d like to have a warm shower and my jammies – today was a cold one to be picking!! Hope to see you in the morning!

By Amy