With such nice weather, my initial thought was to set up the canopy and fill it with jams, body products, and dried herbs. But, the forecast keeps dropping the temperature and increasing the wind speed. Cool and windy isn’t ideal, and my gut says that by the time morning arrives, the temperature is going to be cooler than predicted. So, let’s do pick-up orders for Saturday morning!

FRESH microgreens $3 per 2 ounce sleeve! More are growing and another set will get seeded Saturday.

Sugar scrubs $6 each – Coffee, floral, jasmine, lime, pink grapefruit
Bath salts $5 each – calming blend, lavender, sweet dreams, congestion relief
Peppermint foot soak $5 each
Peppermint foot scrub $6 each
Healing stick $7 each
Headache relief tubes (like a lip balm) $2 each
Hemp hand cream $5 each tin
Lip balm $2 each – cinnamon, peppermint, vanilla (limited quantities as we wait for tubes to restock)
Lotion bar $4 each tin – lavender, just cocoa, dandelion
Rollerball $5 each – congestion relief, headache relief, calming blend, floral
Chai latte mix refills $5 each
Jams $5 each – Low sugar: blackberry, blueberry, black raspberry, red raspberry
Regular: blueberry marmalade, cherry, cranberry orange marmalade, SBR (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry), strawberry rhubarb. Pint jars $5 each Banana pepper rings, and 1 pint of hot pepper rings
Dried herbs .50 to $1 each – Italian parsley, lemon balm, lemon thyme, oregano, rosemary, sage, thyme
Seasoned salts $4 each – Regular or Spicy

Use the Contact Me button in the lower right to send me your order tonight. Please let me know when you’d like to pick up. Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you!
** Watch for a post about ordering plants this weekend **

By Amy