We’re in the second week of May 2024 – can you believe it? Things have been rolling along here at a slow pace with all the high winds and rain, but last week took a turn for the better. Temperatures have been great during the day and staying warmer overnight. The plants are much happier. Honestly, so are the weeds, but they’ll have to wait until planting and seeding are done.

The early tomatoes and all the peppers have been in the ground for nearly two weeks! Most of our summer tomatoes were planted over the weekend, and the rest may get planted tonight after dinner. Flowers will be planted and seeded after the veggies are all in the ground.

The fall planting of garlic is looking great! The perennial flowers are getting big, and some are setting buds or flowers. Peas are coming up on several trellises, and kale is rebounding with new little sprouts growing, too. Radishes, cucumbers, a few squash and zucchini are also a few inches tall. The broccoli and mini broccoli (first planting) are nearly a foot tall and baby seeds have just sprouted for both. New this year are kohlrabi and Pak Choi I’m hoping that they start really growing after tonight’s rain.

What is ready now? The dwarf lilacs are opening, a few bundles of fresh cilantro, parsley, chives, oregano, a couple of small daisy and mixed flower bundles, lettuce is starting to give small crops with more plants growing, there are chai latte refills, seasoned salts, and jams on the shelf, too. Get in touch if you’d like something!

Most of the plants went to new homes this weekend. Here’s what is available as of tonight:
Tomatoes $3.50 each – 4 Defiant (early, small tomatoes), 1 San Marzano (heirloom sauce), 3 Mountain Magic (salad tomato), 3 Yellow Pear (heirloom small fruits), 3 Cherry Bomb, 4 Amana Orange (large heirloom), 4 Ananas Noir (tri-colored heirloom)

Peppers $3.50 each – 1 Serrano (hot), 4 Banana, 6 Sweet Carmen, 2 Confetti (small sweet multicolored), 1 Lemon Dream (small sweet yellow), 3 New Ace (smaller green-to-red bell)

Herbs $1 each – 3 chives, 4 basil, 2 Lime basil, 2 parsley, 2 thyme, 2 purple ruffles basil, 1 dill

Perennials $3 each – 10 Autumn Joy sedum, 10 catmint, 5 oregano, 4 pineapple mint, 9 perennial geranium (need shade or afternoon shade)

Please use the Contact Me button in the lower right to get in touch if you’d like something. Hope you’re doing well and that we’ll see each other soon!

By Amy