Yes, it’s time to celebrate tomatoes! Big ones, small ones, Roma, salad, you name it – we’re bringing them to the farmstand and we’ll be looking for good homes for these beautiful fruits.

Flat of 10# bulk tomatoes $15
5# bags of bulk tomatoes $7.50
Baskets of salad tomatoes $4
Cherry / yellow pear tomatoes $3 per pound or 2 / $5
Slicing tomatoes $1 each
Small slicers .50 each
Tomato soup kits (2# Roma tomatoes, onion, basil, recipe) $5

There will be recipes, instructions for freezing, and I can answer questions about preparing and using the different tomatoes. I hope to see you here for some amazingly fresh, organically grown tomatoes! I’ll link some recipes and resources here for you: Freezing Canning Pies Sauces Fresh Tomato Recipes

We’ll have peppers, cucumbers, carrots, and an assortment of other veggies and flowers, but this weekend is really about celebrating and stocking up on tomatoes! Just think about the sauce, salsa, soup and other delicious food that you’ll make this winter with the tomatoes I grew for you!

Grab a friend and come out to celebrate tomatoes and some of the last big harvests of the season. Hope to see you Saturday morning!

By Amy