It’s time for a Saturday farmstand again. You know I’ll be out front from 9-12 with fresh stuff! I’m still picking and packaging up several things so they’re ready for you. But, I’m pretty sure of what we’ll have available. Here goes…

2 Beets $3 per bundle
1 Broccoli $3 per 3/4 pound bag (last of the season)
2 Carrots $4 per bundle
1 Baby carrots $3 per bundle
Cucumbers .50 each or $2.50/6
2 Eggplant $1 each
Garlic $1.50 per regular bulb, $2.50 per elephant bulb
5 Green beans $4 per pound
2 Kale $4 per bag
Okra – still need to pick more .25 each
Onions – small, sweet .50 each
Peppers (sweet): colorful bells .75 ea, red and green sweet Carmen .75 each, banana .50 each
Peppers (hot): jalapeno .25 each, Serrano .25 each
3 Mini sweet peppers $2.50 per basket
3 Swiss chard $4 per bag
Tomatoes: Slicers $1, small slicers .50
5 Salad $4 per basket of 20
8 1/2 Cherry / Yellow pear tomatoes $3 per pound (1 all red, 1 all yellow) $1.50 per 1/2 pound
San Marzano tomatoes 6/$2
5 Heirloom tomatoes $1.50 each (3 Amana Orange, 2 Ananas Noire)
Yellow squash .75 each
Zucchini .75 each
Fresh herbs: basil, cilantro, lemon balm, rosemary, sage, oregano
Fresh flowers
Jams, chai latte mix, regular seasoned salt

Where are all the tiny tomato lovers?? This is the weekend to get some! They’re so ripe and more are coming faster than I can pick. Here are some suggestions on what to do with them, besides snacking, of course! Click here for cherry tomato recipes.

There are large Roma style tomatoes that would be great for freezing (think chili, soups, spaghetti sauce) for winter time use. I will pick these for bulk orders of a minimum of 5 pounds for $1.50 per pound. Here is a good link on how to safely prep tomatoes for freezing and here is a link from the USDA. Get in touch if you want bulk tomatoes.

By Amy