Our friend Jeff down in Fredonia has potatoes coming out of his ears!

This year, he is offering pre-orders on Red Norland potatoes. These will be bagged in 5# bags for $6 per bag. Most of these are medium sized potatoes, but he does have “smalls” and could be persuaded to make some bags of just these smaller ones.

What is this potato? It’s a red skinned potato with white to pale yellow flesh. Skins are usually on the thinner side so they don’t always need to be peeled (peeling is a job that I dislike). These spuds are great for baking, roasting, or mashing. Those smalls would be perfect to boil up and drizzle with butter and herbs. I know that Jeff and his family have enjoyed some shredded into hash browns, too. If you decide to follow his lead, remember to soak the shreds in cold water to remove some starch before drying and cooking. You’ll thank us both for that tip.

Get in touch soon if you want some freshly dug Iowa potatoes! Please indicate if you want “smalls”. If there’s no note about this, I’ll assume that you want a mixed bag. Taking orders through Saturday afternoon, and then Jeff will coordinate getting them here.

By Amy