Wednesday looks to be rainy, and Miss Daisy has her spay surgery, so let’s get fresh veggies in your hands on Tuesday this week. I’ll pick in the morning and then we can coordinate pick-up. Here’s what I believe can be picked:
Zucchini (lots) .75 each * See links below for ideas & recipes
Yellow Squash (lots) .75 each * See links below for ideas & recipes
Cucumbers (quite a few) .50 each or 6/$2.50
Banana Peppers .50 each
Green Beans (at least a few pounds) $4 per pound
Swiss Chard $4 per bag * See link below for recipes
Beets (a couple of bunches) $3 per bunch
Carrots, Baby $3, Regular $4 per bunch
Serrano Peppers (a few) .25 each
Tomatoes ( a few small, early variety) .50 each
Mini Broccoli (a couple) $2 per half pound bag
Broccoli (a couple) $2 per half pound bag
Broccoli Leaves $2 per bag
Green Onions (2-3 bunches) $1 per bunch
Herbs: sage, thyme, lemon thyme, lemon balm, rosemary, parsley, basil, mojito mint

Please send your order tonight so I know how much to pick in the morning – Thank You!

Use the Contact Me button in the lower right area to message me directly with your order

Click HERE for instructions on how to prep and freeze zucchini & squash and see a list of recipes that use them and can be frozen.
Click HERE for a lot of recipes using zucchini.
Click HERE for tons of ideas to use yellow squash.
Click HERE for Swiss Chard recipes.

By Amy