Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and my dilemma each year is whether or not to have the farmstand Saturday morning. What’s your thought on this? I could pick lettuce, probably a couple of bags of radishes (then we will wait a little for the next batch to finish), some fresh herbs, dried herbs, jams, flowers, and if I knew what you’d like, I could bake again.

What’s sounds good?

As far as baking, I could do more single serve cherry crisps and a batch or two of sweet breads. But, the question is what kind of bread? Some choices are Lemon Blueberry, Orange Cranberry, Cherry, or Pumpkin. Do you want more cherry crisp – maybe you missed it last week?

Are there flowers?

Yes! In fact, if you need flowers for the cemetery this weekend, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to put some together for you! Just let me know if you’re looking for a small or large bouquet. There are daisies, baptisia, perennial salvia, peonies, iris and a few other things blooming and several filler plants are ready to start being cut. If we do a farmstand, I’ll cut quite a few flowers to have on hand.

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Let me know in the comments if you:
1. Want to have a farmstand Saturday morning (probably 10-12 again)
2. Have a request for the sweet bread flavor
3. Want to order flowers

Thank you all for reading these posts, replying, and for following along!

By Amy

9 thoughts on “What’s your thought?”
  1. It all sounds wonderful, but I won’t be here. I’m sure others will be pleased though. Have a great weekend!

  2. I would be interested in 2 large bouquets. A couple of sweet breads- lemon blueberry. I also would like cherry crisps for up to 8 people. I could even pick up late in the day on Friday.

  3. I vote for the farm stand. I’ll take a bag of lettuce 2 radishes and we always like the lemon-blueberry bread and a bouquet of flowers. Hope to see you Saturday

  4. Would definitely get more cherry crisp!!! Radishes sound good.
    A visit with Daisy too

  5. Always ready for fresh lettuce. But you deserve a break for the holiday if that’s what you want.

    1. Hi Dawn! I’ll hold lettuce for you. Mostly, this was to see the interest level of people. Some years, people are traveling, camping, going to baseball and so many other things that I’ve sat out front wondering where everyone is. Looks like I’ll be open 10-12 this Saturday with lots of great people coming over! See you then…

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