Farmstand Saturday morning! Let’s say 9-12, but be patient if you’re here early and I’m still setting up. It’s taking a bit of time to get back into the groove of things.

What on earth will be ready? Radishes! There will be a small harvest of kohlrabi, some broccoli, a bit of greens, garlic scapes (perfect for pesto), a few random peppers, herbs (parsley, basil, sage, oregano, chives, cilantro), dried herbs, cut flowers, a few potted perennial plants, jams, chai latte mix and seasoned salts. Pear bread will get baked today – what a delicious, lightly spiced, tender bread.

The table will also have a full display of body products including sugar scrubs, bath salts, foot soak, foot scrub, foot balm, lotion bars, lip balms, and so much more!! Come get them while the temperatures are cool enough to have them outside (below 74 degrees).

What’s coming soon? Good question! Peas are flowering, so they’ll be here soon (minus the bed the rabbits ate). There are Babybeats beets coming along, Bulls Blood beets (red tops and roots) are looking good, baby carrots are coming in a few weeks, beans are filling out and getting tall, squash and zucchini plants are starting to set flowers, and green onions are getting some height. There are more baby kale and broccoli plants to get planted soon, and last week’s planting of lettuce and spinach are filling out. Some early scattered sunflower seeds are showing signs of flower buds forming, and this may be the earliest sunflower year for us. The early tomato plants are dotted with golf ball sized tomatoes and loaded with flowers – how exciting! Oh – okra loved the heat last week and are getting more of those big leaves, and a few more seeds will go in this weekend to make sure we have plenty. Remember that these plants love long, hot days and usually give harvests in July right along with big tomatoes. The annual cutting flowers are slowly getting some growth and height.

Hope to see you Saturday morning!

By Amy