Goodbye to January 2024! Goodbye to 25.5″ of snow in a week (far exceeded our previous record) and a week of bitterly cold and windy days that followed it. Goodbye to late sunrises and early sunsets. Let’s say a hearty Hello to February! Days are getting noticeably longer and temperatures sure have improved.

This is the month when things start happening for me. It’s time to make jams to restock the shelves and de-stash the freezer. This is also the beginning of yard, flowerbed, and garden cleanup and prep. I should be planting microgreens today, but there may still be mice lurking in the barn. I can’t blame them for finding a way inside when January hit hard, but now it’s time for them to go. There’s some work for me to do on this, and after a week of no activity it will finally be time to seed microgreens.

My plan is to do a lettuce trial soon after the microgreens get seeded. Lettuce seeds will be planted in traditional cell flats and then into small pots. By the time they are getting enough new leaves to go out into the hoop house, the soil temperatures should sustain them. The soil temperatures have remained good out there. With stronger sun,longer days, and frost fabric covering the beds, there’s a good chance this trial will work. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an early crop of mixed lettuce? That is one thing that I refuse to buy at the store. It’s old. It’s limp. It’s tasteless. It’s expensive. Send some good thoughts for early lettuce!!

Jam is not the only canning that will be happening here, but January and February are typically when we can soups, beans, and other things for our shelves. So, take a look around to see if you, your friends and neighbors, or family have empty canning jars. At this time, all sizes are being accepted. I have rings and just placed an order for more than enough lids, so now we just need jars. They can be dropped off here any time, or get in touch to coordinate. A huge Thank You for always coming through with jars!

Last item: my booth at Skeleton Key Art and Antiques has been emptied and the bookcase has been sold. It was sad to leave, but the sales numbers showed that it wasn’t feasible many months of the year. Products will be available here, through my website, and at other events. More to come as we work through getting the online store updated.

Lunch break is over, and Daisy has eaten, too. For right now, it’s time to work in the barn. Hope you all have a great Sunday and be sure to get in touch if you need or want anything!

By Amy