Now is the time to order your jams, while there is a good selection available. New jams will be made in January and February to help me refill the shelves and make space in the freezer. There are 8 ounce half pints jars (what you see at the farmstand) at $5 each and a baker’s dozen 4 ounce jars that I fill throughout the year because they are great little gifts at $3.50 each.

There’s time for me to bake this week, so give me your request! Breads? Which ones – Lemon Blueberry, Pear, Pumpkin, Banana, Orange Cranberry? What about cookies that go in the freezer really well? Think lemon or lime shortbread, cardamom, chocolate chip, peanut butter – you get the idea. Tell me what kind and how many you’d like and I’ll be happy to bake. Who wants dipped pretzel rods? I can do a small batch of these this week, too – two per package for $2.

Do you want or need chai latte mix? It has been SO popular, and the ingredients are restocked again. Refills (in zipper bags) are $5 or a pint jar is $6. I can also make a few more pint jars of dark cocoa mix. Again, let me know what you’d like and I’ll get them ready. It would be great to bake and make food products this week and then put those things away for a bit.

Remember that my booth at Skeleton Key Art and Antiques (520 18th Street in Rock Island) is fully stocked with sugar scrubs, bath salts, room sprays, rollerballs, lotion bars, foot soak and scrub, pillow sprays and some lip balms. I’ve got sugar scrub base made, so if you want multiples of the same scent it will be easy to whip them up! Just let me know how many and what scent. I’ll try to list them all here: lavender, lemon, orange, lime, pink grapefruit, jasmine, vanilla, peppermint, or red hot cinnamon.

Thanks for reading to the end! We hope that you are well and enjoying the season. December has been mild so far, and that suits me and Daisy just fine so we can take our long walks. I hope that you will contact me if there are things that you’d like me to make for you. As always, pick-up/delivery/meet-up is flexible and your support is much appreciated! May you all have a wonderful winter and dreams of springtime and veggies!

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By Amy