I have picked four bags of sweet peppers. Bags are $5 each and contain sweet Carmen, Bell, and banana peppers. There is beautiful chard that can be picked, too! Let me know if you’re interested.

There are some zinnias, ornamental grasses and a few other things that could be put together for fall bouquets. I’ll be making a porch bouquet for my watering can on the front step with the “less than perfect” colorful flowers. Message me if you want one!

There are canned items available:
1 Apple Butter $5
5 Banana Pepper rings $5
10 Black Raspberry Jam (low sugar) $5
3 Blackberry Jam (low sugar) $5
6 Blueberry Jam (low sugar) $5
7 Cherry Jam $5
4 Hot Pepper Rings $5
2 Raspberry Apple Jam $5
15 Raspberry Jalapeno Jam $5
7 Red Raspberry Jam (low sugar) $5
2 SBR Jam $5
7 Strawberry Rhubarb Jam $5
7 Very Berry Jam (low sugar) $5

Hope to hear from you soon!

By Amy