As long as there are fresh things to offer, we’ll keep doing Saturdays! We’ll be open 9-Noon

As the gardens continue to slow, and the tomatoes on the plants are crawling toward becoming ripe, I’ve decided to go back to just Saturdays. There’s not enough produce or traffic to support staying open on Wednesdays, but if there are crops available through the week I’ll definitely keep you posted! And, as always, if you’d like something on an off farmstand day, just get in touch and I’ll see if we can fill your order!

September 23rd is the official fall equinox that marks equal amounts of day and night. The fall season is officially beginning. To celebrate, I’ve baked pumpkin bread! There are 8 mini loaves ready.

Tomatoes .50 each
1 Salad tomatoes $4 per basket
Cherry/yellow pear tomatoes $3 per pound or 2/$5
Amana Orange heirloom tomatoes .50 each
2 1/2 Swiss chard $4 per bag, $2 per half bag
Beets $3 per bundle
Cucumbers .50 each or 6/$2.50
Zucchini .75 each (couple of large and several medium)
1 Yellow squash .75 each
10 Acorn squash $2 each
Butterbaby squash $2 each
New England Pie pumpkins $3 each (only 3 this week)
3 Green beans $4 per pound
Bell peppers .75 each
Carmen peppers .75 each
Banana peppers .50 each
Serrano and Jalapeno peppers .25 each
1 Mini sweet peppers $2.50 per basket

Mini loaves of pumpkin bread $4 each, chai latte mix $5 per refill bag, apple butter, jams, hot pepper rings, seasoned salts, cut flowers and some fresh herbs will also be available! I’m going out to finish picking the last handful of things and look forward to seeing you in the morning!

By Amy