Join me out front for another Sunday edition of the farmstand! I’ll be open from 10 until noon. Today was an amazing day, and Sunday promises to be another great one!

Slicing tomatoes $1 each
Small slicing tomatoes .50 each
4 Salad tomatoes $4 per basket of 20
3 Cherry tomatoes $3 per pound (please message me if you want these and I’ll pick more!)
San Marzano tomatoes 6/$2
A few Ananas Noire heirloom tomatoes $1.50 each
Cucumbers .50 each
Bell peppers (green, red, orange) .75 each
Sweet Carmen peppers .75 (these taste like a bell without the acid)
Banana peppers .50 each
Jalapeno peppers .25 each (again, let me know if you want a larger quantity and I’ll pick more)
Serrano peppers (my preferred pepper for salsa) .25 each
3 Sweet mini peppers $2.50 per basket (perfect for snacking or adding sweetness & color to your meals)
2 Swiss chard $4 per bag
1 Broccoli greens $2 per bag
1 Broccoli $3 per 3/4 pound
1 Mini broccoli $2 per half pound
A few zucchini & yellow squash
Fresh herbs, cut flowers, jams, seasoned salt, chai latte mix

I hope to see you in the morning!

By Amy