Let’s get the real season underway!

We will try to keep the 9:00 – Noon schedule for Saturdays going forward. Crops are slowly growing and maturing. This Saturday, we should have a few new things (in limited amounts as they’re just starting), plus some sweet goodies! I’ve listed the quantities for things that are known for certain. Other things will need to be picked after dinner and I’m planning to go back through the peas again after they had a long soak earlier.

Mixed Lettuce $4 per bag
Spinach $4 per bag
Swiss Chard $2.00 per hald bag (1)
Kale $4 per bag (1)
Radishes $1.50 per bundle (4)
Broccoli $2 for 1/2 pound (2)
Garlic Scapes $1.50 per bag of 10 (2)
Peas $4 per pound (1)

Fresh Herbs $1 each
Oregano, bunch
Cilantro, bunch
Italian Parsley, bunch
Rosemary, stem
Lemon Thyme, bunch
Lemon Balm, bunch
Dried Herbs (range .50 to $1)

Sweet Treats
Dipped Pretzel Rods $2 per 2 pk (20)
Cardamom Cookies $3 per 18 count bag (6)
S-B-R Crisp (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry) Single Serving $1.50 each (12)

Some flowers will be available, but they are limited to what’s blooming. As of thhis morning, there are orange Asiatic lilies that will make for a beautiful bouquet with some nice fillers.

No pre-orders for Saturday morning as today is packed FULL of prep work, picking, etcetera. There has been road and ditch work along our road, so we will have to figure out how to get the banner set up, too. That area has been torn up and has gravel in it. Time to get creative, I guess 🙂
Hope to see you Saturday morning!

By Amy