Good evening Everyone! Hope you have had a great weekend with time spent with your favorite people and you did some of your favorite things. For me, I spent a lot of time in the gardens preparing for the heat that is coming this week. Things have been deeply watered, new ties have been put on tomatoes that have grown, and the buckets of mini peppers were moved to a spot that will be shaded by early evening.

Heat + Greens = Bad Combo

I’m taking pre-orders for mixed lettuce, spinach, and pale pink peonies (or large bouquets with peonies). The greens and peonies will react to the heatwave by finishing quickly. That means lettuce will get bitter and spinach will go to seed, and the flowers will just open and then drop petals.

Please let me know if you’d like any of these items (by clicking the Contact Me button in the lower right) and if there is a day that works or doesn’t work for you. Picking will only happen early in the mornings. Lots of cold water will be applied to the greens in an attempt to keep them happy, but we will probably lose a few varieties in spite of this.

By Amy