This is who I am

Why am I telling you all of these things? It’s important that you have an idea of how I became me. Raising rabbits, delivering newspapers for many years, babysitting, being a good neighbor, becoming a Master Gardener, having a career in banking, taking classes at the Extension office or local municipal Parks department, co-owning a general contracting business, and growing gardens of my own are big parts of my background. But, these family members and stories that I’ve shared, tell how I learned to plant, tend, harvest and preserve food crops. These experiences helped me become an organic gardener and made me understand using little or no-waste methods. Quite a lot of my frugality probably came from my grandparents.

The time spent with my grandparents and parents growing, learning, and doing things were better than most physical gifts that they could have given me (spicy sausage patties excluded). I learned that giving handmade or homemade gifts or fresh cut flowers came from the heart and had meaning. Imagine my excitement at receiving several pussy willow cuttings for my eighth birthday! How many children would even know what a pussy willow is today? Would they be excited to root and then find a great place to plant them? It’s up to others to teach these things and nurture the next generation of people who will be good stewards of the land.

Just know that when I grow food, make jam, bake or cut flowers, all of these memories come back to me and I want my customers to know that these are my gifts to each of them. This blog will be a place for me to continue sharing information and knowledge to each of you.

By Amy